Windows 7 Can anyone recommed any registry cleaners that are compatible with Windows 7 Beta 1 ?

After my clean install, I installed Advanced Windows care and Ccleaner. I ran them in that order, with the defaults. They did no harm, that I could see, to my setup. They did, however, remove a lot of entries from regedit. Many of these, if you examine them, are there from previous OS's, and ,I hope, AWC detected them as such.
I then installed the whole of my software and configured it, and ran the two programs again. No probems.
Maybe I am trying to imagine something which is not hapening, but in Vista and 7, I am certain I noticed an improvement in performance.
I use Registry Mechanic, Tuneup Utilities and Advanced System Care. The first 2 aren't free and ASC does install crapware.
What crapware is that. I'm curious. I don't have a problem with the (free) edition. It has a panel offering the payed edition, which does not interfere with anything ??
Well if u have a Pro version( Paid) of Advanced SystemCare, it will do a deep scan. That's the difference.
Reg cleaner...

FYI: I have been using Glary Utilities for a couple years now, after installing it on my Windows 7 machine it works great and it's free.
I don't generally use registry cleaners...

...but CCleaner is my recommendation. With the number of registry entries that exist, and the small size of them all together, a few out of place isn't going to affect performance.
I was reading one a comment by a Microsoft administrator I think who said you really don't need to tinker with the registry especially windows 7. Keys are supposed to be different than the other os,s and most companies wouldn't know how to deal with it anyway.
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