Can I capture the filepath of a pic in a screen saver slide show?


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My daughter has four kids, and therefore thousands of photos, whose top-level folder is the source for her screen saver random slide show. It runs all day when the computer is idle and frequently she spots an interesting one and she can stop and look at it -- but she would like to know if it's possible to determine where it is in her system.

Does anybody have any ideas on this?


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Hi Bud,

She can go into the Screensaver app, and it should have information on the file path of the top-level folder you mentioned. Different versions of Windows access this a little differently, but the process is the same.

In Windows Vista, which I use for most of my daily stuff, you go the Desktop and right-click on the wallpaper and bring up the Task menu, and select "PERSONALIZE". From there, select SCREEN SAVER. There are several flavors of slideshow applets built into Windows. On Vista the one I use is "WINDOWS LIVE PHOTO GALLERY". Click the SETTINGS button, and you'll get a dialog box. The box will have two radio button selections, the first "USE ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS FROM WINDOWS LIVE GALLERY", and the second "USE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS FROM" with a "BROWSE" button and a file path displayed next to the "BROWSE" button. This is the file path the screen saver is grabbing her pictures from. That 2nd option radio button should be selected and should display her current folder file path where her photos live.

Next, simply open up WINDOWS EXPLORER from the yellow folder icon; or by right-clicking the Start button and selecting "EXPLORE". (*note: this won't work quite the same in Win8/8.1 unless you are in Desktop mode!).
Opening Windows Explorer, simply copy or write down the file path shown in the Screensave app (WINDOWS LIVE PHOTO GALLERY) as above, and use Windows Explorer to browse to that same folder on her computer's hard drive.
On my Computer, it's C:\USERS\MARC\PICTURES\MAY2015\PICS. Once in that folder, change your Windows Explorer view to Thumbnails of whatever size you want, and you'll then be able to see all the many photos in that folder. You can even fire up the Slideshow mode to play all the photos in full screen mode. I prefer to just scroll through them with my wheelmouse or cursor the right and bottom slider bars in the widnow looking for the photo(s) I want to see information on such as time/date stamp, location taken, resolution, file type, etc. You can click on the photo when you find the one you want, and see the information at the bottom of your Windows Explorer screen in newer Windows versions (Win7-Win8.1), in older versions, you may have to change your file view to DETAIL LIST to see the information. You can also right-click the photo and bring up the Task Menu, and right-click on PROPERTIES, and view the GENERAL, SECURITY, or DETAILS tabs for more information on that 1 photo file.

I don't think this is quite what you had in mind, but most of the Screensavers including Windows built-in applets do not let you do what you are asking, so I provided you a workaround.


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