Can I clean install Win8Pro from a Win8Pro Upgrade disc?

Hi all,
The heading says it all.
I have a legitimate new Win8Pro Upgrade dvd with serial.
Can I clean install Win8Pro with this from scratch, or do I have to upgrade over my existing Win7 Home Premium x64 Laptop?
After reading some posts on the forum I see that a clean install of Win8 would be the best option than an upgrade.
I am not all that clever but think if it is up to moderate skill level to do, I should be ok.
All my files are backed up so I have no issue with losing anything I have on my existing Win7 system.
My laptop is Toshiba i7 with 8gb ram, 700gb hard drive.
All I feel I will miss from Win7 is Solitaire and Mahjong, or are these still available in Win8?
Thanks in advance.


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Definitely clean install is the best way.
During installation, you will be offered to either keep the files or keep noting.
Select Keep Nothing.

Good luck.

RE : Solitaire and Mahjong
They are available in Windows Store after you have Win 8 Pro installed and activated.

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Thank you davidhk129,
If I get time I will this weekend clean install Windows 8 pro from the disc.
I ran the upgrade advisor link and all looked ok for drivers etc on upgrade.
So, I am hoping that my laptop's drivers will all be ok with the clean installation.
With the games, are they free from the Windows store?
Thanks again.


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Thank you davidhk129,
With the games, are they free from the Windows store?
Thanks again.
They both have a free Microsoft version but for my money Mahjong Emerald was better for $5.

A lot of so called free stuff is full of junk mail adds but there is also some very nice apps for $1-5 dollors that shouldn't bust your bank account.

p.s. Go for an EFI install of Windows 8 and save yourself the hours of issues MBR will give you down the road.

Ummm...I am confused, but thankyou.
Electronic Fuel Injection?
Marine Barrier Reef?

Seriously though.. I really have no idea what you mean.
I did google obviously, but are as confused as when I started.


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Efi stands for Extendable file interface and mbr = Master boot record

Computers file system 1:01;

Back in the dark ages there was Fat16, then we dumped that for Fat32 (allows a partition and files up to two Gigabyte in size) but the unwashed masses still complained so NTSF was invented (4 partitions and Hard drives of 2 terabits)… these all use the MBR for Windows and are now collectively called legacy which literally means “out of date”.

Modern (2nd generation) systems use the EFI format… allows the drives coming out today to be 3 terabits and above + multiple partitions.

Note: it’s late at night here and this is all from memory so I might be out a bit on the figures but I think you get the jist of it.


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@ alanshoog,

1. RE : Installing Win 8 or 8.1 using UEFI
Make sure your computer satisfies the following criteria.......
You will need to satisfy the following requirements in order to proceed:
A Windows 8 compatible system
A Windows 8 64-bit installation media. 32-bit is not supported.
A UEFI v2.0+ compliant PC. Check your chipset manufacturer/firmware documentation.
A blank, partition-free, hard disk for installation.

2. RE : Clean Install Win 8 or 8.1
I installed Win 8 on my 2 laptops using the following tutorial.....
How to Do a Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

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