Can I save my desktop that I used with a domain and transfer it?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Ben Streissguth, Dec 14, 2014.

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    Hi All,
    I had the following small home network: Workstation A (Windows 7), Workstation B (Windows 7), Domain Controller A (2008 R2). While trying to "fix" it, I managed to completely kill the server. I am in the process of a fresh install. I can't see any reason to run a domain server any longer (all I need is a little file sharing, and 2 web sites), so I'm thinking of sticking with a work group. However I'd hate to loose all my desktop setting/software/etc on my that would be reason enough to stick with a domain.

    My basic question is: can I save my desktops (I used domain\username when I logged in). If so, is it easier to transfer them to the local machine, or rebuild the domain structure.

    Thanks. :)
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    Should be relatively easy to copy the contents of C:\Users\Username from one to the other.
    The one caveat being that you can not do so while either of those two users are logged onto the machine.
    Use the hidden administrator's account to do so.
    It's explained here
    It's the same process whether the profile is corrupt or not so you can ignore the title of the article.

    And yes converting to a Work Group is probably a better idea for your purposes. You'll just have to create the user structure on the server to include your new account(s) details UserName / Password for sharing purposes.
    And make sure that you either know or create admin users (names and passwords) on all machines when you unjoin them from the domain and run dcpromo again to demote the domain controller.
    Again, enabling the hidden administrator's account temporarily can be helpful.

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