Can I use System Restore Points WITHOUT Shadow Copies? Relationship?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by pstein, Jun 26, 2016.

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    I am uncertain what the differences are between System Restore Points and Shadow Copies.

    Actually I need only System Restore Points.

    1.) Can I use SRP without (!) Shadow Copies?

    2.) When Shadow copies always necessary: Why are SRP invented?
    Why not using Shadow Copies only?

    3.) Assume I delete a file WITHOUT moving it to the recycle bin but by immediate full true delete.
    Will there a copy still persist in Shadow Copy?
    Wouldn't that be a security hole?

    4.) As far as I understand Shadow Copies are permanently automatically created by Win 7.
    Can I somehow tell Win 7 only to create a Shadow Copy when I create a System restore Point?

    5.) Assume I reserve a space of 5 GB for System Restore Points: is this the space which is used for Shadow Copies (too)?

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    Hi Peter,
    basically 'Shadow copies' are the files created when a System Restore point is initiated. The reason they are called Shadow copies is because basically that's what are, some files cannot be copied whilst in use so the system create's a shadow copy.

    So in conclusion when a system restore point is created the result is a shadow copy and it's these which are stored in the system partition.

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