Windows 8 Can Microsoft Survive If Windows 8 Fails?


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Jul 2, 2009
Microsoft have been making and manufacturing various Operating Systems over the years.
I have personally used Microsoft Windows 95,98SE,Me,XP Home Edition, XP Pro, Vista Home Premium, Windows 7 Pro and now Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit.
I installed 98SE many times and XP about 400 times.
With Windows 7 there was a problem with Printer Drivers not being available.
With Windows 8 Pro the drivers were quickly and successfully installed and I have been able to use my Epson SX515W Multipurpose Printer with no problems.
It did take me a little while about 3-5 days to find my way around Windows 8, but found various options grouped together for easy and quick access.
I really am very impressed and like Windows 8 Pro and Microsoft have a VERY GOOD Aftersales Service that is second to none.
Well Done Microsoft.

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