Windows 10 Can not show Popup menu items when clicking Power button from the start menu


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On Windows 10, version: 10.0.18362, I have a Windows service application. In the service process, when I use the following code to display a user interactive message box:
//Start Impersonate Loggon User
MessageBox(IntPtr.Zero, message, caption, MB_DEFAULT_DESKTOP_ONLY | MB_YESNO | MB_ICONWARNING);
//Stop Impersonate Loggon User
Then I found can not show Popup menu items (Sleep, Shut down, Restart) when clicking Power button (and the account button) from the start menu. And after I close the message box, the issue does not exist.

Note: This issue does not exist on previous versions of Windows, for example RS4 and RS5.

I am wondering whether it is a Windows 10 Bug.
Could you help on this? Thanks.
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sorry I deleted the 2nd post ... so moved this to Programing & Scripting

p.s, if this is the Pro I would assume Sandbox... as to if its a bug or by design?
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