Windows 11 Can someone help me,


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Jul 11, 2021
I want to use the windows insider thing but it says that my current diagnostic data settings is not allowing me to use windows insider and i must change it, when i select the optional diagnostic and the crop on left is selected at optional diagnostic, im going to the windows insider program and it says the same, im going back to optional diagnostic and it's selected to only necessary, im selecting the optional but it goes back every time i leave the options, why. im selecting this and it's going back every time i go back. i tried resetting my pc after selecting optional diagnostic but it didn't work please it's like the pc is not listening to me xD, if someone wants to talk on discord i can show a video of it
Its possible you have a group policy in place or security software that prevents sending the optional diagnostics. Do you know of any software on your system that would be doing this? Is your system a part of a domain?
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