Cand open or delite folders??


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Have this strange folders in my C:.../local/temp directory..

vs.mcj-113109805 File Folder

when click on that folder, I got msg That I don't have permission to access this folder. I have an option
to get access to this folder. When click "continue" I got msg. tha I have been denied permission to access this folder. So if I want to gain access to this folder I'll need to use "security lab.

When clicking on security lab, I got msg again that I do not have permission to view or edit this object's permission settings..
When clicking "advanced" I got the same msg "that I do not have permission to view or edit this object..

Try to google it but there is no description for that files. I run 2 antivirus programs and they don't recognise as a threat or a virus..

Any Clue??

Thank You


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Well, my searches also came up negative except for this link here: Can find the files, but cannot delete them?
This indicates that there could be some driver files or registry files within an NVIDIA graphics driver on your computer. No corroboration, so who knows?

I'd be curious to ask which AV programs, EXACTLY, you used to scan for viruses/malware? If you didn't use MALWARETBYTES, you should can with that as it's the best antispyware program on the market. We recommend it regularly, and it cures many sick computers of poor performance due to spyware virus protection. You can get it here for free:

Generally, speaking, the construction of the file name indicates it's a potential type of script virus, such as the commonly used jscript worm viruses common in the original E-mail viruses such as the MELISSA or I LOVE YOU worm viruses from 1998-1999 still in use today.

Just because you deleted the folder doesn't guarantee that a copy of the virus is still lurking on your computer somewhere else.:scratch: Worm viruses are famous for duplicating copies of themselves and scattering them throughout your windows file system. Some are known to make up to 10,000 copies of themselves per day. :eek:

Best of luck,:encouragement:


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Well considering many benign programs extract to the temp location as well as some malware. Not all programs properly clean up the temp location. I don't imagine these were malicious.


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damzai, i don't think this is a virus...because when you launch Visual Studio You Will Likely Get These Folder,
Vs Stands for Visual Studio, But i don't know what the mcj stands for....