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I think some of your statements are wrong.

1. Defrag is very much required at times in Windows unless you want to live with loss of performance or you run from a SSD

2. Defender never finds anything. The other day I got 5 trojans and another 20 pieces of malware and Defender was completely ignorant of those. Mbam, SAS and BitDefender scanner found them. The malware came with the downloader of WinIso

3. The NSA deal is vicious and you should care about it.

4. Look on the Windows forums - half of the postings are about BSODs

5. The no reboot for Linux is a new function

6. You will worry about safety and security the day someone stole money from your credit card or used your system to spread malware.
1. As I already said, defragging is overrated, no major slow down of Windows will occur. The time and effort spent defragging will never be recovered by the miniscule performance improvement.

2. I spent about 50-60 hours on the internet last week and downloaded dozens of programs. I got ZERO trojans or pieces of malware. I suggest you review your internet habits.

3. In what way is the NSA vicious? I have nothing to hide from the NSA and they don't care about me. Conspiracy theory? Paranoia?

4. I can't remember the last time I got a BSOD. In my job as a developer I work constantly with pre-Alpha software yet still don't encounter BSODs. Windows forums are not a good indicator of what problems I will encounter since most of the stuff that people post questions about is due to their own user error or general lack of Windows knowledge.

5. Glad to hear there's a new function called no reboot in Linux. BTW, not every little update in Windows requires a reboot.

6. I didn't say I don't do things to keep safe, I just said I don't worry about it because I'm not paranoid.


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I think you are just lucky - many people are not. I usually have no problems either. But this downloader really got to me - even with extra care. It was only to show that Defender is pretty useless when needed. I straightened things out with a system restore.


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1. As I already said, defragging is overrated, no major slow down of Windows will occur. The time and effort spent defragging will never be recovered by the miniscule performance improvement.
Evidently Microsoft thought so too, since they left the utility out of NT4 and forced us old timers to purchase a third party defragmenter most of us used Diskeeper.
They were convinced that the NTFS file system didn't need it.
They realized the error of their ways a sometime later and it returned in Windows 2000.
Now it is not only present as a native utility but is scheduled weekly by default.
In my opinion it is not only essential to recover some performance but will also resolve the random misbehavior of the OS on occasion.
IF you've got a spinner, I would recommend the occasional manual use of the native defrag utility.
Just my over priced 2 cents.


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Simplicity is what people seek and they are more then willing to pay for it. I see Windows 10 is reverting back to the more traditional desktop of previous versions. The reason is that the masses rejected having to learn the all new Win 8 desktop and wanted what they already knew.


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What is "more traditional" about Windows 10. I hope you don't mean that hybrid start menu which I immediately toggled away.


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What is "more traditional" about Windows 10. I hope you don't mean that hybrid start menu which I immediately toggled away.
Exactly, the reason for 8.1 was to add the start menu back into Windows 8 because of the backlash of it missing. It still wasn't as functional as the previous start menu. I was used to finding my programs through the start menu which isn't there in Win8. I see in Win 10 they are bringing the program menu back into it again.


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The Windows 10 start menu is a hybrid. Who needs it. I hardly ever use the start menu or start page in any OS. It has no place in my setup. I don't think people will find W10 "more traditional" because of that hybrid.. It is W 8.2, nothing more. An operating system for mobile devices.

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I think the main reason for its poor adoption is that its not as easy as it could be and those who use it and are in charge of its development have this mindset. I was reading somewhere that while Mint is a good GUI for linux they want people to learn the terminal window. They really don't want a point and click user base and program. Its this mindset in the developers that will always keep the masses away. The masses don't want to learn about the workings of their computers or OS they want them to be transparent and run their software, which they wish they didn't have to learn that either.
The main reason why the terminal is so reffered to in linux is that there are so many frontends its hard to cover all of them as almost every linux has its own tool for one function or another.
Plus it is so much easier to type "enter terminal and type sudo apt-get install (packagename)" then it is to type "click on this, click on that, click this button, then that button then the button after that"
Plus the linux command line is so powerful and versitilie, it can achieve so many things most GUIs cannot


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Linux and windows are both good OS. I use both and both do what I need. I run Linux on older hardware such as old xp desktops and give them to people who can't afford to buy a PC and the they will have a secure OS. command line terminal is cool if you will learn the sudo commands. if you don't want to the synaptic package manager is also very good. in my opinion Linux uses less resources than windows and that gives new life to older hardware. one also needs to learn how to run or install software as Linux is not a insert cd or usb drive and it takes off and runs or installs. I moved to Linux as I wanted an alternative to windows and have been running Linux ever since and no complaints except I can't run my flight simulator x on it but now have a reason to buy x-plane flight simulator. most people are used to windows and will never change. I will download my free windows 10 and play with it because it is free. use what works for you and what you are most comfortable with.

anyone worried about the NSA runs Linux tails on a laptop and move around from hotspot to hot spot.

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