Cannot access MS Store

Downloaded a certain app on Ipad, Android phone, but cannot get it on Windows machines. Yes, it is indeed available to run on "all devices" and "all but the oldest Windows".
I cannot access the Store on Win 8.1 Pro laptop at all anyore. When I try to download this particular app on Win 7 Pro desktop, the app does show up but there's no indication whatsoever how to download it.

I finally was able to get onto Windows store on 8.1 Pro machine - after days of it not even coming up. Now it keeps saying that download can't be completed because Internet connection is too slow. I download the same exact app on an Ipad, and an Android phone wirelessly on this same Internet connection. I even hardwired my laptop with a DSL connection and it still 'won't complete'.

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I finally got Learn Chinese with China Bubbles to start downloading on my Win 8.1 laptop after I cleared the Store cache, restarted the machine and enabled automatic Windows Update - a tip that I saw on another post. However, it's been "installing" for two hours. This is not a large app, and is indeed supposed to run on all devices and "on all but the oldest windows machines".
I still can't find a clue how to put it on this Win 7 Pro computer.

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