Cannot activate windows from iso file (this is a default key), Can anyone help?


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Hi, unfortunately my Lenovo e530 laptop run into a little issue recently and i was looking for a way to reinstall windows but without having to do a whole factory reset, as with the built in setup files, there only appears to be the option to restore to factory default and no 'repair only' install where it would keep files / programs etc..

Anyway i found the latest iso of windows 7 64 bit pro, which is what was on mine in the first place, i assumed that the setup would automatically find my old key and just accept it and activate without any issue, but thats not the case :(

when i try to activate it i keep getting the following message:

'The product key you have entered appears to be a default product key and cannot be used for activation. type a different windows 7 pro key'.

although the product id does show as the correct one.

What am i going to do, is there a way around this without me having to just wipe my laptop and do a factory reset?




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You have to use the product key that is on your COA sticker that looks like this:


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