Cannot boot into Win7

Hi all:
I recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 as a second OS on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. Long story short, I can no longer boot into Windows 7. I turn on my computer, select Win7 from GRUB, but the screen freezes at the Starting Windows screen. Similarly, when I try and boot into safe mode, it freezes right after loading aswRvrt.sys. I've decided to restore my PC to factory settings. So, I put in my recovery USB, boot from it, and am shown the system recovery options. I select the reset to factory setting option on the bottom of the list, and a dialog pops up. Here's the problem - the two reset options are grey'ed out, and the only click-able action in the list is "Exit Now." Why is this, and how do I fix it?

Ok - so I've figured out why I can't do it - using a recovery disk/factory reset program from an Acer PC on my Toshiba. Now, I'd like to know if anyone can link me to the necessary driver(s) to install Win7. I.e.: when I'm in the install window, and the page pops up saying "Select the driver to be installed". I tried a few Toshiba RAID drivers, but none are compatible with my hardware.

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