Cannot change title of video file

Hello there.
I'm just posting here because there are these video files which the title of the file is different to the 'name' of the file which appears below the icon. Although not the end of the world, it is annoying since when I put the files on my external HDD to play through my PS3 and that shows the title and as they all have the same title I can't tell what I am watching.
So if anyone could possibly help me that would be very much appreciated.
Thanks =)


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I'm not sure what you mean when you say the title of the file is different from the name of the file.

If you mean that the video has a title at the front and you want the name to match you should just rename the file to match.

I.E, My Dog Ate my Cat.WMF changed to Fresh Snack.WMF or what ever the name of the video is.

Right click on the file, select Rename, change the name, be careful not to change the extension, (avi, wmf, or what ever).


Hello Mike. Thank you for trying to help but it isn't quite what I meant. What I mean by title is if you go onto the properties of the file and then to the details tab there's the top detail which is marked 'title' this seems to more often than not blank, but on the said files I cannot seem to edit or remove the 'title'. This only seems to be the case on AVI files from what I've recently discovered.

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