Cannot disconnect network drive??? Please help

I have a rather annoying problem in that I installed my network printer, a HP C5180. Once I had finished the installation I noticed that the drive monitor Gadget had dissapeared from my sidebar and in it's place a HP printer monitor one had appeared.

I removed the printer gadget and tried to replace the disk drive monitor, with no luck. I looked in my computer and noticed that a new network drive (card reader on printer) had been mapped along side my other two network drives, it is called "Photosmart C5100 series (" it is mapped as X:.

I have tried to disconnect, when I do I can then reinstall any of the drive monitor gadgets I want but as soon as I restart or just turn off the machine and then boot, Windows 7 decides to re-map the card slot of the printer as X: again. I have tried editing the reg and the dos prompt switches, to no avail. I have contacted HP but because the printer is out of warranty they were unwilling to help. Can anyone help as this is now officially driving me up the F'ing wall.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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