Cannot find TrustedInstaller

I am trying to add 'TrustedInstaller' to the permissions list for a particular file folder. I can see on other folders where that user/group exists (c:\Intetput\custerr\en-US for example), but when I try to add that user/group to the permissions for a folder, TrustedInstaller cannot be found. I have even tried NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller but to no avail.

Suggestions and thank you in advance.


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Well, you appear to be using the correct name for Trusted Installer. If you check the names after you enter the NT Service\TrustedInstaller, is should normally show.

I might be relevant to which file or folder you are trying to add a user to. I am in Windows 7 right now, but I don't remember seeing the folder you reference.

You have checked the Services panel and see the Windows Module Installer as an available service?

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