Cannot install Windows 7 at all on my PC

I have absolutely positively tried probably everything to install Windows 7 on my PC. I currently have Windows XP 32 bit and here is a list of the things I have tried:

  • Format and clean install of Windows 7
  • Tried upgrading to Vista x32 THEN upgrading to 7
  • Tried upgrading to XP x64, then Vista x64 then 7 x64
  • Installing on another HDD (I have two)
  • Memory tests (no errors)
  • Hard drive tests (fine)
  • Praying
The problem is this, whenever I try to install ANY version of Vista or 7 on my PC, nearing the end of the installation it will reboot without warning then when it reloads it says that an error occurred and I will need to reinstall. I've tried SO many times with 0 success. I have asked on multiple forums and no one has provided an answer.

My computer:

M2N-E nVidia motherboard
nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS
4 Gigs of Corsair RAM
Random 15$ soundcard

I really see nothing that would impede installation. Any help would be appreciated.


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Try taking the sound card out.

The Nvidia chipset might also be a problem, but you can't take that out..... :cool:

If the install got far enough along, you might be able to load the DVD up to pick language and the next window, there is a repair option. You might try that and select a startup repair. It is important whether it sees an OS, so keep track. If it works, it might take several tries to get it to go ahead and boot.

Unfortunately it doesn't let me get that far. :(

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