Cannot move encrypted files to new system.


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Hey guys,

I have a unit with a dead motherboard but with other stuff working like the hard drive and power supply. So I decided to change the motherboard only. Then I removed the hard drive and placed in on an enclosure to back up my previous files so I can perform a clean install of windows. However, I had encrypted files in there. Then this window popped up (screenshot below) I accidentally closed that window. How can I bring that window back up again cause can't move the files from my hard drive to another system.



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Encrypting files on one's hard drive and not writing down the key is akin to buying a very expensive Safe, locking up all your valuables in it, and not writing down the combination but rather memorizing it only, and then forgetting it when you need to unlock the files which is where you're at now.:waah:

This is yet another reason I don't use encryption on any of kind on any of my personal machines.

Hope neem's link works for you.