Windows 7 freezes often at startup screen on new system

Hi. I am having a problem with a brand new computer from day one. I ordered a new computer from a reputable manufacturer with an ASUS X99 motherboard, Samsung EVO 850 SSD hard drive, Geforce 980GTX and 16 GB of system memory. After the very first boot which was successful I am experiencing frequent freezes at the windows starting screen, either before the 4 orbs animation begins or during the animation. Only option is to hit power button and reboot. All drivers up to date, tech support has had me disable the "professional" overclock of the CPU (Intel I7 5930 at 3.5) and GPU, do a 5 and 1/2 hour memory check, run sfc /scannow as an administrator, chkdsk on reboot and no errors are found. they are shipping me a new hard drive to try. Any ideas? Have I done everything to ensure it's not a corrupt windows install? Sometimes it boots fine but never consistently. As a moderator already commented in the windows 8 forum (I mistakenly placed this post there), I overclocked for gaming on a system designed for it. that has been disabled and problems persist. Thanks in advance.

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Since you seem to have had problems from the very start, I would suggest you take your computer to service. It may have been a flaw in Windows installation, or a faulty component.

Overclocking... makes it a bit difficult, it may have invalidated your warranty. It may, even probably, have caused damage to your computer. If that's the case, the damage is done, and no new settings will help. Only hardware check can find out what the problem is.

It's a matter of conversation, and the seller's attitude towards customer. Not a clear case.

You could try how it runs with only one core, but that wouldn't solve everything.

Thanks Pauli. The overclock was offered by the company (payed extra for it) and "professionally done". The Motherboard is an Asus X-99 extreme and the CPU is an I7. They are manufactured to allow for reasonable overclocking and the company stands behind the process (as per the website and tech support). You should see the fans and liquid cooling system in this rig. Looks like the engine of a BMW! In any case I had them disable it as I've been convinced by you that it's a path to problems. I admit I fell for the hype.
I did resolve the problem however after I had a sudden inspiration and unplugged the USB K-7 Gigabyte keyboard. It booted 16 times straight with no issues. I found an old generic keyboard from an old computer that also works fine with this computer so I'm concluding that it was a faulty or in compatible component. Thank You though for your effort. Problem solved and thank god not a major one.



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By this age, I've done... quite a lot, and I can't brag about being perfect or unmistakable :rolleyes:

I've also done overclocking, it's the hunch What if I could get a few FPS more... how would it look, how would it feel... There's nothing wrong with it, it's merely humane. I'm in the AMD camp, they offer a oc software, which supposedly doesn't invalidate warranties but, surprise surprise: in the "small print" they notify something like overclocking may damage your computer, can't remember exactly. How many read these conditions, or copyright texts when installing software, or even when one gets a life insurance? Not many, I would say. --- I never read them :redface: When buying potatoes, I just buy them, I don't look for certificates that the ground mold isn't from Chernobyl.

I'm glad it is solved. Wish you all the very best.

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