Cannot run Macro-Enabled spreadsheets

When I open a Macro-Enabled speadsheet I get the security warning notification bar appearing but then when I click on the options button to enable the macros that choice is not available, (unlike when I do the same thing on a Vista machine). I have attached a copy of the dialogue boxes for Vista and Windows7.
The dialogue box says that I need to remove the permission or encryption restrictions on the file but as the spreadsheet wasn't created by me I do not know if I am able to, or whether this is something I need to contact the file creator about.
I would also like to know whether there is a way that I can have the program recognise that this file is safe so that macros are enabled automatically for it so that I do not get the security warning every time I open it. I tried going through the options and one seemed to suggest that I could set a 'safe folder' but it didn't make any difference.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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