Cannot Save As to mapped network drive


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I am new to Won 8 and am frustrated beyond belief. MS - Stop changing things and let us alone (XP and Win 7 were great)!!

I have successfully mapped two NAS drives, but I cannot perform a :"save as" from screen shot or "Save web page" because the pane that pops up refuses to show the mapped drives.

What am I missing here? I have both opened and saved to both NAS drives but cannot access them from the "SAVE AS" and the "SAVE WEB PAGE" panels.



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Are you by chance running the program as Administrator? Remember mapped drives happen per-user profile space... perhaps that is what is causing the issue? If you run a cmd prompt as administrator, then map the drive there, and launch program from that command prompt does it then allow you to save?


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I can't say what your problem is caused by but can assure you that drive mapping works the same in Win 8 & 8.1 as it did in Win 7 and XP. I haven't had any issues. I know this doesn't help me but I don't think it's a Win 8 issue or anything to do with "MS - Stop changing things and let us alone (XP and Win 7 were great)!!".

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