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Windows 7 Cannot see desktop?


New Member
May 26, 2009
well, when i started my computer today, my desktop was not there... odd? yeah, i tried dragging some things to it and they moved from the previous folder, but didnt show up on the desktop, i even created a new text document, with no problems. but i cannot see my desktop my recycle bin or anything.... any ideas?
You never mentioned whether this just happened after installing Windows 7 or maybe you downloaded and installed new software?

Please try to provide as many details as you can when posting.:)

Startup and hit the F8 key and choose Last Known Good Configuration.

If that fails, choose Repair My Computer and you find an option for System restore.
well, i closed my laptop lid and the computer went to sleep, then when i logged back in, this happened, i even restarted.
You will have to come up with a few more details to assist help. What do you mean "You cannot see your desktop"?
Is it a black screen, no taskbar, no icons? explain a little more. From where did you attempt to drag items? How did you access notepad?
The good old sleep problem, simple solution don't put your computer to sleep, you need to shut down the computer when this does happens not restart. As for a overall solution I don't know I just don't use the sleep or hibernate function because this can happen.
Yes,please answer davehc's questions first.

I found that the most useful information is directly in the help and Support options. Type in optimize laptop and there are many options to choose from.