Can't access some secure sites Win7/IE9


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I use Win 7 and IE9. In the past two weeks, all of a sudden I can't log in to one financial site, and on another financial site, I can log in, but have difficulty getting to my account. I've spoken to the sites' tech people and all is ok on their end. I've run virus scans, both in safe and regular mode and nothing is found. Any suggestions please.


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Have your tried using the compatibility mode for the site (torn page icon)?

Have you changed any settings as far as allowing popups or cookies from first or third parties?

Is there a red circle icon visible on the bottom of the page you could check for reasons?

On some of my sites I have gone in and allowed them in my security zone for that domain. But try the other possibilities first.

Oh, Java Script or maybe flash might also be involved.


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On your first 3 comments, I have to say no. But on Java or flash I don't know.


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If it is happened recently, then perhaps you could try returning the Internet Options - security to default. Tools - Internet Options - Security tab. "Reset all Zones ..etc. " Also, for the trial, untick (If ticked) "Enable protected Mode"

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