Can't clean Recycler - access denied


while I am using my old Windows XP SP3 Laptop, I try to solve some problems. This time I had an old folder, that I could not delete - the folder didn'T gave me the access to do that. That with the program "Unlocker" I could delete it into the recycler. Now sadly the Recycler is empty inside, but the Icon of it shows me there is something in. When I press Clean Recycler, then I get the message Dd13 can not be deleted. Access denied.

Anyone knows what to do, to fix that?

(BTW: This a translation from german to english. words may be different)

One of those tricks really worked.
Well my DVD drive seems to be going bad so I can't boot from the setup disc for now, but the rmdir answer from @TuxRug inspired me to try an old trick, and it seems to have worked.

  1. In Windows Explorer, uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" folder option
  2. Browse to C:\ and rename the RECYCLER folder to say RECYCLER.bak
  3. Now delete RECYCLER.bak, and Windows immediately creates a new RECYCLER folder.
With a freshly created Recycle Bin, and the old corrupted in it, I simply did Empty Recycle Bin, and the problem has cleared up. No rebooting necessary.
I had to move the Recycler.bak to Desktop and then delete it.

You are my computer god! :) Thanks!


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LOL!... Hardly I can assure you ;) Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad it worked out. :)

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