Can't delete empty file on desktop even with Killbox! Help!

Capture5.PNG I am stumped! Created this file by mistake and now it seems stuck on my desktop forever more... I have tried killbox. Please see screenshots. And thanks for any help! Capture3.PNG View attachment 8401 Capture2.PNG Capture4.PNG

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Whenever I use Killbox I use the Delete on reboot option and none of the others. My apologies if you've already tried that option but it's not in your images.
My main method of deleting seemingly undeletable or locked files is to use Unlocker which, thankfully, has recently gone 64 bit compatible. I was lost without it.

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Wonderful, thanks! Unlocker solved my problem in two seconds!:)
Yes, I had tried Delete on reboot but it didn't work...


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Glad to have helped.
I originally only downloaded Killbox because, at the time, Unlocker wasn't 64 bit compatible and Killbox could delete files during re-boot, i.e. when they weren't being used by anything.

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