Can't detect Bluetooth device until restart

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    My system is Windows 8 Pro, 64bit OS. Hardware is Lenovo thinkpad helix (model 37011J7).
    I have problem with finding the blue tooth device.
    In short, I can only find bluetooth after "restart".

    When the computer is booted first time, in the "PC settings" "Wireless", the bluetooth switch is in grey color.
    I checked "device manager" "network adapters", no bluetooth device shown. Wan miniport (network monitor)#2 is disabled. I tried to install gfwb06ww.exe but interrupted, and i was warned that no bluetooth device found.

    I tried "shut down" the computer and then power on, but everything is the same as above.

    However, If I "restart" the computer to reboot, the bluetooth became normal and worked. The Bluetooth switch in "PC setting" became blue color and bluetooth device showed up in "device manager" "network adapters".

    I wish I can use bluetooth in the first boot rather than keep restarting. Can anyone comment? Thank you!
    (p.s. I'm using AVG antivirus free, is it related?)

    Many thanks!
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