Cant edit files that have been created in windows shell

When I create a file (or a script creates a file) in the windows command shell, I am unable to edit it from notepad++, ultraedit etc.

I am logged in as Don (which is an administrator account). And files and folders created in windows Explorer have owner 'Don'.

When I launch the Windows Command Shell as administrator, I notice that files and folders created from here have owner as 'Administrator'

If I change the owner of the files created by Windows Shell to 'Don' it allows me to edit them with notepad++.

I didnt use to have this issue so I'm assuming a setting on my PC got changed somehow (quite recently) or a windows update broke something.

Or maybe the solution is to have a way to launch a Windows Shell box as the current user (Don) rather than as administrator - anyone know how to do this?


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What folder are you saving these files to? Even if the owner is Administrator as long as Don has read/write access it should work. Also launching Notepad++ as admin would work (I know not really the best thing to do).

Hi, thanks for the reply.
It is just a normal folder on my data-partition.

I have changed the drives settings so I am owner and told it to apply the same settings to all sub folders and files. (The issue still remains though). This is what it looks like now. Does it look about right?

If I create a file using Windows Shell, it does not have 'Don' listed as a user (see below for the settings that you get). Maybe this is the problem? How can I change this?


file-created-from dos-box.JPG


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