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Windows 7 Can't Export to Canon HV30


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Jun 4, 2009
So I have been trying to export HD footage to my Canon HV30 camera Through IEEE 1394. This is the first time I have done so under Windows 7 and what ever I try it will not work. Windows recognizes and installs the device as "Canon HV30 DV camera" even though it is and HDV camera. I have the latest drivers for my computers IEEE 1394, the latest updates for the Adobe CS4 collection I have, the latest Windows Updates, and Canon doesn't have any drivers for the camera. I have tried uninstalling the camera driver and used the compatible "AV/C device" driver and it didn't work either. Premire Pro supports the camera and recognizes it as a Canon HDV camcorder. After clicking render and record it trascodes the video just fine and when it tries to send the video to the camera the tape shuttles around a bit then says "check HDV/DV input", or it will record and no video or audio will actually be recorded. Is it my IEEE 1394 driver that may not be compatible with Windows 7? I can import just fine so I wouldn't think that is the case. Could it be that there is not a truly compatible Windows 7 driver out for the camera yet? or could it be that Premire Pro and WIndows 7 just aren't yet updated enough to work properly together? My computer specs are on my profile. Thanks for any help.
I just located this on another forum:

I managed to finally get this working..
Capture in 1080i 50
Set deck to Canon XHA-1 50
Enable V & A1 A2 in recording
camera in play mode
make sure pc recognises device before opening Avid

Hope this helps:)
Thanks for looking around for me. I can capture just fine its just when I want to export the finished edit back to tape that I have problems. can't think of anything else to try. maybe I will search for something similar to that trick.
Could it be that there is not a truly compatible Windows 7 driver out for the camera yet?

That is very possible

What driver are your currently using?

The Vista driver may work,

Also you could try installing the driver from the camcorders CD
There is no Driver for the Camera on the CD only a very weak video/picture import program. The canon website says that there is no driver necessary for Windows Vista (x86 or x64) and have not updated the site to include 7 yet (understandable). I am guessing this means that there was a Canon HDV driver that would be installed when the device was plugged in. Maybe Windows 7 does not yet have a Canon HDV driver and only the Canon DV driver that makes HDV export impossible.
Do you receive any error messages and if so please post back with the exact wording.
no error messages on the computer just a loading bar as it transcodes video then a loading bar as it "records" to the tape that starts at and stops at 50% then the camera says "check HDV/DV input" then the loading bar disappears and goes back to the render and record window. the rendered file is still on the hard drive.
Please follow the direction here to diagnose the problem:

Link Removed[/I][/B]
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Sorry, but I can't view any pictures, please just attach the .zip file.
I don't mean to brush you off, but I have never used Adobe Premier.

Do you have another Video editing program that you could try rather than Adobe Premiere?

I did a Google search for Adobe Premiere export to HDV error and cam up with a multitude of hits with the same problem

adobe premiere export to HDV error - Google Search

I like the Problem Steps Recorder, it's just that I have no experience with that particular software.
It appears to be a problem with canon HDV camcorders. thanks for the help guys.