Windows 8 Can't Finish Account Setup Without Being Online...


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...And Can't Get Online Without Finishing Account Setup!

My admin at work configured a new laptop with Windows 8, created a user account on it for me and gave it to me so that I could get it setup with all my stuff over the weekend, ready to go on Monday morning.

When I got it home this evening and went to sign on, it says that I must be online in order to finish setting up my account. But I can't get in to configure it to my home network without being signed in. Of course, the admin is completely unreachable until Monday and, of course, I have to have this thing ready to go Monday morning.

I have my username and password.
How can I get online so I can finish setting up my account and get rolling?

Hopefully my question makes sense. If not, please ask - I'd be glad to clarify.

Hoping I'm Not Hosed

PS: FWIW, the laptop is a new Toshiba Satellite S855-S5378 i7 with 8GB RAM, etc. Don't know that anything else, spec-wise, matters - it's just stock.
It's not ctotally lear from your post, so, to clarify. Did you sign in, or was that where you could go no further?
I couldn't sign in. Said I couldn't sign in to finish account because I wasn't online. But I just heard back from my admin and we're going to get it taken care of in the morning. Thanks for responding, though.