cant get out of safe mode

I restarted my laptop in safe mode but something happened and it wont start, it just keeps rebooting trying to go into safe mode. I can get into the command prompt. How do I take it out of safe mode in command prompt?


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From the command prompt window, type bcdedit and check the bottom of the readout for a safeboot entry.

If it is there, type bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot and it should remove the entry and get you out of safe mode.

This command is normally run from an Administrative command prompt, but I think the one you are seeing is an administrative version.

If your bcdedit command shows more than one boot loader, as in a dual boot situation or possibly an offline boot, you may need to add the id of the boot loader. It uses {current} unless something else is given.

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Safeboot shows when I run bcdedit but when I try the delete thing I get:

An error occurred while attemtpting to reference the specified entry. The system cannot find the file specified.


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While you are in the command prompt, try running a sfc /scannow command to let it check your system files. Maybe that will find something.

You could also try a bcdboot C:\Windows to replace your BCD store and remove the entry. Using C: will depend on if the Windows directory in on the C: partition when you check it from the command window.

Which command window are you in exactly..the one you can start along with Safe Mode? Do you have any other options, like Repair my computer?

Were you having a problem originally that needed you to boot into safe mode?

Bcdboot did it. Thanks.

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