Can't get reset code after forgotten password


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I did an update on my Windows 10 laptop and tried to logon and it wouldn't take my PIN.
Tried to do a reset and got the Verify your cell phone number screen
Tried to enter it and neither numeric keys nor the regular number keys work.
The only other option I have is the use another PC and browser and enter a long string address method, no email method.
All that gets me is a password reset for my email account.
Tried to see if I could use a bootable password cracker, but when I check bootable devices in BIOS
all that's available is the hard drive. This particular laptop has no DVD ROM drive, just USB ports.

It's am ACER A315-21-4098 / N17Q3

Any help is appreciated.


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Is not your password for your email the same as the password for your Microsoft account?
And if your laptop does not accept your (forgotten) PIN, you should be able to switch from PIN to password?