Can't get reset code after forgotten password


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I did an update on my Windows 10 laptop and tried to logon and it wouldn't take my PIN.
Tried to do a reset and got the Verify your cell phone number screen
Tried to enter it and neither numeric keys nor the regular number keys work.
The only other option I have is the use another PC and browser and enter a long string address method, no email method.
All that gets me is a password reset for my email account.
Tried to see if I could use a bootable password cracker, but when I check bootable devices in BIOS
all that's available is the hard drive. This particular laptop has no DVD ROM drive, just USB ports.

It's am ACER A315-21-4098 / N17Q3

Any help is appreciated.


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I figured it out finally. Got the legacy boot file to finally load and allow me to boot up from a USB flash drive