Windows 7 cant get video on Win 7. HEEELLLPPPP!!!!


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May 8, 2009
Help me, please!
I installed Win 7 last night and beside a Catalyst problem (cant install it and set the fan at slower speed, but resolved it with Riva Tuner), the only MAJOR problem I have is in video displaying. I can only watch movies on Win Media Player. In all other players I only have sound and a black screen. I installed video codecs, but with no success. It is the case also for my TV Tuner. Win installed the driver. but I have only sound.
Please, help me. I am desperate,
I think I solved the issue. It was a specific video rendering setting for BS Player, and other video players. But still, the TV Tuner has only sound.
Have you tried VLC Media Player? It's free and VERY solid.. ;) I use it for all my media needs and have never had any major/minor problems with it.. :)
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