Can't install some programs


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All my units run W7. I have an old ACT! 6 program which installs and works on all but one machine.
When I try to install it on this machine I get the UAC then a 'working' orb for about 5-10 sec then nothing.
I recently reinstalled W7 on this machine and have many programs installed.
No error msg, NOTHING. Like I never clkd setup.exe
What is causing the above install to stop?



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Try right clicking on the .exe file and select run as administrator and see if that helps.
I'm not sure what Act! 6 is.

I looked but couldn't find any software named this, with or without the !.
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Please go to task manager or Start Run and type in taskmgr Then select processes and look for the Act program and end task if it's there.
Shortcut to taskmgr is Ctrl+Shift+ESC at same time.
As suggested above run as administrator or login with admin account.


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My question is; what hardware do the other PC's have in common that this one doesn't? It's sounding more like a hardware compatibility issue than anything else.


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Good suggestions:
Been there done that
ACT! 6 is an old version of a CRM (i think they r up to ACT! 12) that needs to be installed directly without the menu setup program (does not run in W7) and run in compatibility XP /3 and as admin.

Didn't think of task manager -- but
When I start the program dllhost.exe and setup.exe *32 open in task manager => dllhost closes but setup remains running. Everytime I start it another copy of setup appears but nothing ever runs even with just one.