cant install win 8 in HP envy 4-1046TX ..,

please help .. i am not able to install win 8 in my newly bought hp envy ..
it is having 4gb ram 500gb hd, +32gb ssd... i am trying to upgrade from my win 7 hb to win 8 but aftr restarting it is showing blue screen saying your pc ran into some prblm .... i tried usb boot also // but nothing is working ..

yes when it restarts it is showing blue screen saying your pc ran into some problem .....
.. my hardisk is having 32 gb ssd is it bcoz of it .. should i format my entire hardisk...


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Which bit version of Windows 8 are you installing?

Are you using the SSD in a Rapid Start scenario? Since I do not run that, I did see someone that had a hybrid drive and the Hybrid and two partitions, but the 500 G drive seemed to be a complete Windows 7 install. Have you checked into the Intel Rapid Start operation?


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I have been looking around, and it appears HP might be using an mSATA drive for the SSD. If that is correct, I suppose it should install like any other install. If you have it running, you might get us a Disk Management picture with the Snipping Tool and attach using the paperclip on the advanced replies.

As far as formatting drives, I suppose that would depend on if you have recovery media available after that is done.

thanku for ur effort Saltgrass , my problem is solved, actually when i was using usb boot it didnt show any partition for that service centre gave me driver,,, now i have win 8. thanks anyways....

I'm having the same problem with my Envy 16, which has a hybrid drve as well, what did u do in order to solve this problem ?.


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Fascinating thread. I am having a similar on going problem with an i7 Envy.. but, in my case, I have no problem working through the install, but, when it gets to the end and is preparing the OS, it comes up with a message in a black window -:The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click OK to restart the computer and then restart the installation".
There are no other working keys, and pressing enter /restart) will only take me through the procedure again. My partitions are normal, and I am able to install any version of Windows 7 without problems, so it looks a possible hardware driver issue.

Hi guys,
same problem here. I think eddy024 found his solution with HP people. Today I've been there and people were really confused. Can you share what you got from HP eddy?

Have you guys installed the Win8 BIOS from HP?
Not sure which one each of you may need.
Seems to be the most relevant issue at this point.

Additionally from an HP employee on another site;

After installing the Win8 BIOS, go in Win7, go to the Intel Rapid Start and disable Acceleration:

  1. Click Start and type Intel . Click Intel Rapid Storage Technology in the search results.
  2. Click the Accelerate button at the top of the window and click Disable Acceleration .
  3. Click Yes on the Disable Acceleration warning window.
  4. Click Reset to available next to Usage Cache device.
  5. Click Yes when the Reset Cache to Available warning appears.Close IRST window.
Then, when you boot from USB or DVD, choose the option with UEFI after it.

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 for HP Envy 17t;

Hope this helps


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Hi Don,

thanks a lot for your suggestion.

yes I've updated the BIOS to Windows 8 x64 version plus the UEFI. I think you got the issue here: the Intel RST.
I've found this threat online where someone else says the problem is the Intel RST (Cant install windows 8 Release Preview on HP Envy 6t Ultrabook - Microsoft Community), so I think your solution it's right. I'm backuping now and copying the recovery SSD drive then I'll let you guys know if I was able to install Windows 8

Yes, Don was right, the problem was the Intel RST. Disabled it and I've been able to install windows 8. Now I've reinstalled the Intel RST again and enabled it. For the complete installation of windows 8 just follow the HP guide:
Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 HP ENVY 17t-3200 CTO Notebook PC | HP® Support

Thanks again Don

Glad to hear the installation was successful and that I was able to help.

Good luck and have fun w/Windows 8



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Didn't help me, unfortunately. I do have the latest bios flashed. But the reference to the IRST escapes me. Surely, if you enable (or disable) in Windows 7, before trying to install, when you reboot, or, when the installation reboots, it will loose any configuration anyway?


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So you found the Acceleration button on the Intel Storage manager and turned it off? Then you gave it time for the system to unwind?

I don't have that setup, but it would seem, once the Rapid Start has been tuned off, it would not restart until you restart it in Windows 8..

I always confuse the Intel Rapid Storage Technology with the Intel Rapid Start Technology ...

Can you access that mSATA drive to see what is on it?

If you can't get it to work, the original poster stated he got a driver from HP. Maybe it was the RAID driver, or another RAPID Start driver he loaded during the install....

If none of this works, there should be a log that will possibly list what went wrong just before it starts the Rollback.

Windows Setup Log Files and Event Logs

hey guys I have found d solution weeks before sorry I didn't cm online ... so sheer is the solution .. the Rst setup is having some drivers just load dem while installing when u can't find d hard drive sections..... enjoy ... just download .. rapid start technology (RST)

just mail me If u fund problems.

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