Can't install Windows 7 brand new laptop :-(

Ok, I've got a new Acer Aspire Laptop with 32bit Vista home premium and I've got the upgrade disc direct from Acer.

First prob I encountered was the Intel Wifi link as Win 7 wanted to delete it as it said it was incompatible. I downloaded and saved the drivers from Intel for Win 7 once installed. I then tried to do the upgrade.

Now I've purposely not put any of my own files or done any tweaks to this laptop as I knew I wanted a quick upgrade but noooo... I've tried twice now and I've had to give up and cancel the whole thing.

The first time I only got as far as disc 2 19% of setup and the second time got as far as 88% of disc 2 setup but the disc had been running for 22 hours!!!!

What am I doing wrong? The laptop was purchased as reburbished, could that be an issue? Please help? I've had to go online and re-install the Intel wifi for Vista so I can get online again.

Thanks Kacey


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It is best to do a "clean" install as an upgrade leaves useless files on your system and cause conflicts,

Thanks for your reply - I did consider that but wasn't sure I'm technical enough not to balls it all up. Is there a step by step guide to the prep for it? thanks

Can I do a custom install using the dics I have been sent? The 2 discs are for the upgrade kit.


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If you've gotten two disks you have to perform and upgrade, because the second disk holds all the software that was pre-installed on you system.

are you saying trying again is my only option? if so, any ideas why it keeps stalling?

Upgrading frequently stall when virus progams and firwalls and malware programs are running. They detect that Vista is under attack...which it is by Win 7... so they shut it down.

Many people have gotten around this by turning off everyting.. including the programs loading under Msconfig / startup

ah, thanks tblount, might try that then. The laptop came pre-installed with mcafee which i was going to get rid of anyway. will come back later to let you know how i get on, kacey

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