Can't move folder even as the administrator - how do I do it?

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    I am using Windows 7 Home Premium Edition in a Toshiba netbook.

    I created a folder on my desktop with a file in it. In Windows Explorer, I tried to move that folder into another folder that is in the Program Files folder. When I tried to do that, I received a message box, "You need to provide administrator permission to move this folder." I hit the "Continue" button and another message box appeared titled, "Destination folder access denied." In that box was the following: "You need permission to perform this action." I have had many such similar instances in the past in which I could not do certain activities without administrator permission.

    I am the only person who uses this computer. When I boot the computer, only my name appears on the "Welcome Screen" and I enter my password to finish the boot and get to my desktop.

    When I go to the "User Accounts" in the "Control Panel," I am the only user listed under "User Accounts." As the only user, I am also listed there as the administrator as my account type.

    I also tried the following: I went to Account Settings and moved the slider there from the default level 2 to the disable user account control level to see if that would "cure" the problem. I then rebooted but had the same problem of not being able to move the folder.So, I reset the user account control to the default level 2.

    How do I gain more control of such activities as being able to move folders where I want to move them and prevent similar message boxes (such as need administrator permission) from appearing that prevent me from doing other tasks?
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    Hello and Welcome !

    You could try to Take Ownership of that particular folder but be sure it's not a System folder or file because it can result in permanent damage to OS which even can stop from booting the OS. Here is the link Take Ownership Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums only try this on the files or folders you created.
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    I use that "take ownership" tool great tool, but that doesn't explain why a user created file or folder should have these restrictive permissions.
    Captain Jack is right use this powerful too wisely.

    If there are lots of files in a folder it may take a little while because it applies the permissions to each file and folder.

    I've used it to allow me access to my C:\Users\frank\files and folders that are normally not accessible.
    I can understand why Win 7 would limit access to these files\folders but I can't figure out why your user created folders are so restrictive.

    BTW, I have UAC disabled, maybe that's why I haven't experienced this issue.

    I know some folks might deem this risky but I'm the only user also and I'm careful.

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