Can't move/rename folder in 8.1

So i was redirecting some of the default folders (music, photos, doc, etc) from my SSD drive to my HDD drive.
But I accidentally named two of my drives (doc and downloads) D:/ . Now They both have the same files and are both unrelenting in changing back.

I tried to change location of it, but it says i can't move parent file in child which makes sense. Can't put a drive into a folder.

How do I change these two D:/ folders into the doc and downloads folder?
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The best answeer is don't move the default folders because this isn't Windows 7 and Windows 8 doesn't like that.
1. did you "move" the folder to D or just pointed the browser to it...
Screenshot (386).png

I recomend a reset;
Screenshot (385).png

I went into the properties for the download and doc folder and i moved it to D:\ mistakenly not adding users\(name)\(type).

I did try and restore default, but it gave me this
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No guarantees;
1. I would shutdown and physically/ temp unplug the D harddrive and disc drive cables from the system.
2. Boot back up into your normal account… this should force Windows to reset its folder system to the default c drive when the D (both hard and disc) drive are no longer present on the computer.
3. Now open your documents properties and reset the path back to its default then shut the system down and reconnect the other drives.

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