Can't open almost all apps on windows first screen?

I bought a new notebook with Windows 8 and upgrade to 8.1, and i also install a new Windows 8.1 in a new computer 3 days ago... and both of my Windows don't open the apps on the first screen.. like Skype, email, windowsws store....
the apps almost start, show the program name on the screen them close..
the problem is that is happening on both computers....


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Did you sign in with a MS account....with out doing so, most, if not all the apps don't/wont work correctly. Each PC has to have it's own MS account.


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I found the link below you might check to see if it helps.

Did you use the Same media to update to 8.1 and install 8.1 Did you do this while online?

It could have something to do with the way the store and the MS account is set up. When I installed my 3 machines, I skipped the part about opening an account with Microsoft for each machine and just used the one Microsoft Account I have for all three (one was just the preview).

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