Can't print over wireless network.


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OK. Thanks so much for the follow up and yes please be sure to keep us posted regarding your results.


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I am printing. Many thanks.


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Glad to hear it. Thanks for the follow-up and letting us know. Happy holidays.

Hi I am new to the forum and new to windows 7. I got a new pc for christmas and it runs windows 7. My old pc ran XP. Now I have a home network set up with three other laptops using it. I was able to print from each of those laptops but now I can find the new pc in the find printer section on the three laptops. I noticed that window 7 use's work groups not sure how to use them. Could someone help me with this.
Thanks Tim.


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
We need a little more information.
Printer manufacturer, model name, model number?
How is it being made available as a network resource? (hosted printer connected to another PC, if so which and what operating system) integrated network card or wireless radio in the printer?
Make sure that you have the correct Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) drivers for the printer.
Also since it would appear that you have introduced a new computer into an existing network, make sure that all computer have the same workgroup name and if your other network computers are down level clients like (XP and or Vista) please avoid creating and or joining a "Home Group" with the new Win7 machine.

You need to choose compatible driver in Windows 7. First, you have to click the ‘Start’ button and select and ‘All Programs’. Then, go to ‘Accessories’ and select ‘System Tools’ and then click ‘System Information’. Then, you have to select the ‘System Summary’ and then review the OS Name and System type to find out which version of operating system you are running. Then, accordingly choose the network printer driver for your computer.
Network printer not printing via TCP/IP

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