Can't Register Bitdefender Free

Sorry to pester you guys, but I just did a fresh install for a friend and he wanted Bitdefender Free installed. So I did, it seems to be running fine. BD updated and told me I has 29 days left. But when I tried to register, I got an error message saying, "the connection to the server failed, the product cannot be activated". It's scanning and working fine but it's at 29 days and counting. Any ideas ? I went and installed it on an old xp box that was sitting around and get the same error message.


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That's the program not being able to connect to it's server, not the PC.

Hey MinecraftKid45, I knew that it wasn't connecting to the server, I was just wondering what happens next ? At the end of the 30 days I'll lose realtime protection. I guess I just wait and see. Thanks.

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