Can't reinstall XP after formatting HDD with Windows 7 RC Recovery CD

So, I had the RC Build 7100 32-bit on my PC. This was installed over the top of 32-bit XP. It was expiring soon, got some issues and bluescreened every so often, so I booted the Windows 7 Repair CD I made and used cmd to format the C drive, which worked. However, when I try to load the XP setup disc that came with my PC, it just says "Setup is configuring your computer's hardware configuration..." and doesn't do anything else. Any way to fix this?


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I do not know how that XP recovery disc works, but was there some type of recovery partition on your drive previously? Are there any boot keys needed to get into a recovery situation?

Were you not given an option to format using the XP disc?

If you only have the one drive and you just want to put XP on it, you might try booting back to the Repair cd and typing the following with enter after.

bootsect /nt52 all

This should reset the system to check for the XP loader. There are some additional switches you could use which are /force /mbr, so the full command would be bootsect /nt52 all /force /mbr

Only do this with the one hard drive, because it will reset all partitions connected to your system. "All" can be replaced with a drive letter, type bootsect /help to see how it works.

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The drive was unpartitioned, no boot keys were necessary.

I didn't try using the XP disc to format my computer, just the W7 recovery disc.

I tried the bootsect command, no improvement.

It might be worth pointing out that on bootup the graphics have vertical colored lines running through them which weren't there before.


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Don't know about the Vertical lines. Something might have gotten stuck in the Bios concerning the x64 install. Some folks suggest resetting the bios, and when I go from 32 to 64 bit, I usually have to reboot to reset some driver.

If you can't get to where XP can format the drive, maybe you can download a bootable version of Partition Wizard and look at the drive with it. Maybe something got messed up or the partitions are not where you think they are.

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