Windows 10 Plan is to install a New Hard Drive and use an External Recovery Drive to Reinstall Windows 10 (?)


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Jul 26, 2022

1) I have an older Thinkpad T500 which came with Windows 7 and I later upgraded to Windows 10.

2) I had been having issues with it, so I did a “RESET” on it this evening and deleted all of my files and APPS, (by design), and it all seemed to go relatively smoothly.

3) I have been considering getting a new Hard Drive for this T500, but have heard that people, sometimes, run into issues with downloading the proper drivers.

4) My Question / Plan is this:

A) Now that the T500 has had a “fresh restart”, can I make a “Recovery Drive to Restore this PC”, purchase and install a new Hard Drive, and then boot from the External Recovery Drive to reload Windows 10 and the appropriate drivers?

5) I am still a “novice” at this, but I would think that this approach should work and should enable me to install a new Hard Drive and reinstall Windows 10 (without having to locate and install drivers, etc.)

6) Will this approach work?

7) What are the “recommended precautions”, etc, that I should take?

As always, thank you for your kind input and recommendations.

~ Dennis M. 7/29/2022

first of all the T500 is end of life but you can still get drivers if you know the actual model... thats step one

Thank you for your input.

The unit I am working with is a Thinkpad T500.

As I just recently did a "reset" on it, my plan is to now make a "recovery partition" on a USB from the recently "reset" T500.

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I will, then, buy and install a new Hard Drive, and plan, (hope) to use the "recovery partition) from the USB to reload Windows 10 on the new hard drive.

I would like to get a Matrix of existing drivers, (as a backup plan, if needed), but I would thing that using the recovery USB should transfer my existing Windows 10, (and drivers), to the new Hard Drive.

I would think that this should work.

I agree, however, I should go into this operation knowing the specific drivers required, but I would think that this approach should work.

I do want to do what I can, however, to minimize risk, etc.

Thanks again for your input.

Buy new disk put in your computer, download and install windows clone software, execute that software, clone windows os to new disk, remove old disk. Use new disk as bootable drive.
After loading windows, you can create recovery environment bootable disk.. using this bootable disk, you repair windows.

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Varadharajan K,

Thank you for your input.

I have made a "recovery partition" on a USB Drive per the attached link.

My Plan is:

A) When my new Hard Drive arrives, I will install it, and then attempt to boot up the computer using the recovery partitiaon as made per the attached link, (with commands, not via the "Any Recover" SW))

Will this approach no work?


~ Dennis M.


It will work for certain cases. In few cases you cannot recover deleted files from windows.
But whole C partition can be combined into single file namely install.wim file.

Thank you for your input.

In the event that I run into problems, is there a "cloning software" that you would recommend?

I will take note of it in case I run into issues, etc.

Thanks again for your input.

Cloning software is free for personal use.
Marium reflect and acronics true image , both are free