Can't restore a chosen backup! Please help me!!!


I'm trying to restore a file to its older version. When I choose the file at its states yesterday, it restores it to me at its state in the end of august. Anyone has the same problem? It's an itunes backup file and I'm sure I backed it up yesterday but today also. Now that I want to go back to yesterday's version, it will, but not the one from yesterday, the one from 10 days ago. Anyone knows why and how to fix this??

Thank you soooooo much!!

Does it pop up any errors during restore?


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Normally if you right click the file and say restore from previous it will give you a list of backups you can choose from. So I assume the one you want is not listed.

How did you back up the file originally?

Nope, no errors, just the file recorded on Aug 30th, instead of September 10th.

Yes, it gave me a long list, and I chose the restore point of September 10th, but instead it gave me the version for the restore point of August 30. I see it in the list and that's the one I choose but for a reason I don't understand, it doesn't restore at that point...

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