Can't run Scrabble


New Member
Apr 5, 2022
I had to repair windows. The process was successful, but I am not able to install the Scrabble Champion Edition. I found a solution that said to ensure compatibility mode is enabled, but the compatibility options end with Windows 8. What happens is that I get a popup message stating "Please insert the original disk instead of a backup". Does anyone out there have a clue as to what has happened? If so is there a fix? I realize that the program is old, but it installs and runs on other Windows 10 computers.

The computer is my wife's laptop. She thinks I messed up her computer when I did the repair and is not talking to me. Can anyone out there rescue me?

If you run the program in compatibility mode, you should be able to go all the way back to Windows Vista. Typically the error message means exactly what it says, in that it is looking for a copy of the original installation media (likely the CD-ROM) to restore files or launch the app.