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    If I use the scan program in Win7 it only allows me to save documents as a TIF or JPEG. Why cant I save as a PDF ?My printer is a HP 2570. Before I changed to Win7 I had a dedicated HP Information Centre that I used to scan,save and organise in any format I or my customers chose. This program also updated automatically but is not available within Win7. Do I need to download this program again from HP or will there be a conflict with Win7 ?
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    HP seems to have drivers for that printer for Windows 7. Using those would not be a problem. It does show a 2575 which is supposed to be part of the 2570 family.

    You might also download another type of .PDF printer if you do not find what you want. I seem to like Bullzip to print documents and whatever in that format.
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    You mean the HP solutions centre? It is part of the driver utilities. As Saltgrass suggests, it will be neccessary to download and install the correct drivers, and the solution centre will then be available. If you have difficulty finding or installing the Windows 7 drivers, use the vista drivers in compatibility mode. Download the full feature software and drivers for it When complete, right click the .exe Run as Administrator

    I have done that with one of my Hp's and, as it is 100%, do not feel a need to reinstall the windows 7 drivers.
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