Can't save to C-Drive?

Hi All,
Two issues:
1. I just got a new Vista PC, and I cannot save a file to the C-drive. I made sure my account has Admin priviledges and that it has Full Control on the C-drive, but still cannot save to the C-Drive.

2. Also, how can I set the PC so that when it reboots, I don't have to enter my password when it has rebooted?
Thanks !


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Could you give more details for your first question? Which partition is Vista on? From where, or from which OS/partition are you trying to save from, and which OS, is any, do you have on C:
You second question:
    1. Type in ‘netplwiz’ in the search box after clicking on the start button or press Windows + R and type it. This opens the Advanced User Accounts Menu.
    1. Highlight the account in the users tab that you want to automatically login with and uncheck ‘must enter a username and password to use this computer’
    1. Click on apply afterwards and enter the password from that account twice
    1. Click ok and restart.

Thanks. The reboot/password issue is fixed, but I still cannot copy folders from my old PC to my new PC - something about permissions, however, I am full Admin on the new PC !!

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