Can't see locked files in Windows Explorer

There are picture files in my folders that I cannot see. I know they are in there because they show up in the OPEN windows of photo editing programs. The thumbnails in those OPEN windows have a little yellow "padlock" icon in the lower left corners. The files were created by me opening a normal photo file in an editor (e.g., Irfanview) and then saving the edited file using a Save As to the original folder. The edited files then do NOT appear in Windows explorer, but they DO appear in the OPEN window of the photo editor.

Again, there are no thumbnails for these hidden files in Windows Explorer, so I cannot "right click" on them and try to change their properties.

I am the ONLY user of this PC and I am the ADMINISTRATOR. My folder options are set to show hidden or system files.

I did not have this problem in Windows XP. How can this be corrected in Windows 7?

This might have a bearing: every time I rename a file or move it from one folder to another I get challenged that only the Administrator can perform that action, and I must click "Continue" to make it happen. How can I convince Windows 7 that I am always the Administrator and I should NEVER be challenged?

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