Windows 7 Can't See Some Folders


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I am Dual booting Windows 7 and XP. When I am on Windows 7 there are various folders I can't see. I do a search for them and it returns nothing. Anyone know why it is being like this?
If you could provide us with more details. Like are the files on a different partition? What files are you searching for? Were you able to access them through XP?
Sure I have two internal hard drives. One has two partitions, one with XP and one with Windows 7. I can see all folders and files on XP. The other is not partitioned at all. The one I noticed not being able to be seen was on the Windows Partition. I haven't noticed any others not being able to be seen, but I would not be suprised if there were others. I noticed this one because it is one I access a lot. I tried enabling hidden folders and showing system files and that did nothing. I tryed manually typing in the folder address into the address bar and that didn't work either.
a little more detail please.
you say "on the windows partition" - WHICH partition? which folders exactly? system folders? stuff in your user folder?
do you only not see them when you search for them, or did you try to actually browse for them?
The Windows 7 partition. It's not a system folder, it's just a normal folder sitting on my non-partitioned HD. It's not there when I search or browse for them
sounds like the same thing that happens when you have linux dual booted with win xp. Did the filesystem stay NTFS for Win 7? or was it modified. that's the only thing i can think of that would do that.
Now that I think about it, I had it happen when I tried out linux also.. hmm it is still NTFS for Windows 7. I am going to try to reinstall it later. I will post if it is fixed or not. >.<
yeah well even if it is NTFS, if you ever messed with linux on an NTFS partition that's probably the source of it all. still, if you format the drive you should see everything.