Can't share ONE folder.


New Member
I just installed Windows 7 and set up a secondary drive to share many folders including music, video, pictures, etc. and want to be able to view or listen to this content on my PS3. I set up sharing by creating libraries for each media type in WMP12 and set the sharing and security permissions on each folder, all the settings on each folder are identical to each other. Yet when I turn on my PS3 all folders except for one of the video folders I am sharing appear. All my music, pictures, and the other 2 folders full of videos appear but one doesn't appear and I have no idea why. I've tried turning sharing off and on on that folder, creating a new folder and naming it the same thing and a different name and moving the files over, removing and re-adding the folder to the WMP12 library, and made sure the settings are identical to the folders that appear but nothing works. Any idea what could be causing just this ONE folder not to appear on my PS3?

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